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SHR has been improving the mighty ROTAX engine since 1993.. Check us out!

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SHR can set you up for the steep and deep or the flat out on the lakes.

Clutch Kits

It seems like there is always one guy in every group whose sled runs just a little bit better than everybody else's. What does he do different than you? After all, you're running the same sled with the same parts, you have the same track and you even weigh the same. SHR Clutch Kits include only parts you need for maximum performance. In some cases OEM parts are retained if they are the best choice. If your sled is used in extreme conditions, modified other than as specified, rider weight exceeds 220 lbs., or with a heavily studded track, a custom combination may apply. SHR technical service representatives can provide advice for these special applications.

Sometimes the best tuning practices for clutching are more than just running the proper weights or installing the right helix for your altitude. A lot of times clutch tuners forget that little things do affect clutch operation and ultimately their overall snowmobile performance and reliability. These little things are usually fairly easy and may not require a large investment, but simply just involve a little bit of time, attention and know-how.

The difference probably lies in the clutches.

Call BIG John for an exact set-up for your 850 sled!!

850 Clutch Kits

  • Summit 850 NA (All)
    • SHR 967A Stock or Pipe Kit - $295
    • Optional SHR Helix - $100
  • Summit 850 Turbo (All)
    • SHR 850 ST Kit (Stock) - $295
    • Optional SHR Helix for Stage Tuned Sleds - $100
  • Summit 850 Turbo (After Market)
    • SHR Turbo Kit - $395
    • All 200 HP Kits
  • Crossover / Back Country 850 (All)
    • SHR 990B2 Stock or Pipe Kit - $295
    • Optional SHR Helix - $100
  • MX2 / Renegade 850 (All)
    • SHR 970A Stock or Pipe Kit - $295
    • Optional SHR Helix - $100

600R Clutch Kits

  • Renegade / MX2 / Summit 600R (All)
    • SHR 967LW - $295
    • Optional Helix - $100

Options for all Kits

  • SHR Overdrive Cup - $30
  • Grip N Rip Poly Shim - $35
  • SPI Tower Break - $150
  • Optional High Engagement Spring - $25

Install Options

  • Clutch Kits (All) - $150
  • Grip N Rip Alignment (+ Shims) - $100
  • Clutch Service (+ Parts) - $100

Here are 10 simple practices to make sure your clutches are running at their full potential.

  1. Never spray any lubricant or cleaner on a clutch
  2. Wash both the clutches and the belt in hot soapy water
  3. Check and adjust factory center-to-center and clutch alignment
  4. Adjust for proper belt-to-sheave clearance
  5. Maintaining wear items can save you time and money in the long run
  6. Use the specific belt recommended for your clutch setup
  7. Update clutch components for different rider weights or track sizes
  8. Balance your clutch
  9. Don't overlook the simple stuff
  10. Check your sled briefly before every ride
    • Belt deflection
    • Belt condition
    • Check the chaincase oil
    • Inspect the overall chassis and engine compartment

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It all started in 1993 as a certified technician at a multi-line dealer and improving skidoo snowmachines, starting with a 1992 Mach 1X winning many a race with the mighty 670. After many years on the ice I got the mountain bug and the rest is history. A run of turbo / big bore 670's were first until the new series 3 Ski doo engine came out and a new era of mods were born. Starting with 2 ring pistons for the 700 and mountain specific clutching / heads / porting I left the dealer and started Sled Head Racing.

The 800 twin has been quite the motor for me. From stock upgrades to the original 150hp 800 and spending the most time on the 800R culminating in the awesome 190+ hp 880s… A new ERA is born in 2017 with the new 850 Rotax motor! SHR applied its tried and true motor mod, Including the new SHR921R! The Summit 850 is very Turbo friendly so we spent considerable time getting the clutching RIGHT!! The new Gen4 Chassis really puts the power to the snow stock or modified. SHR has been a leader of reliable trail performance motors since day one and will be well into the future…

"I believe making it HOME is more important than getting the last 2 hp on a dyno" - Big John

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